360° Remote Presence

for Site – Specific


When travel is expensive or impossible, AVATOUR 360° telepresence lets you invite your clients, collaborators or coworkers to join  a real place in real time – wherever they are.

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360° Real Time, On-Site Communication

AVATOUR transports* remote people to real locations in real-time, where they can see the entire environment in 360° and interact with the people there – wherever they are in the world.

*Attend with a VR headset for a fully immersive experience, or with any modern web browser.

“Our work is dependent on our physical presence on the premises of the manufacturing companies we help automate. Without these virtual visits we wouldn’t be able to help companies realize their automation goals – which is now more important than ever.”

– Søren Peters, CEO of Gain & Co

How Companies Are Using Avatour

Meet with remote suppliers on-site, conduct facility walkthroughs, site inspections, check quality of new product lines or trouble-shoot with experts.

Customers want to see before they buy, but it can be difficult to get them to your facility, property, factory, or showroom. Bring your product to them instead, in live immersive 360°.

Get the experts you need on-site instantly to supervise critical operations, answer questions, and solve problems — as if they were there. Bring a space to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Bring new employees on virtual visits to key locations so they can be more effective upon deployment. Train employees on distant or dangerous sites before they arrive.

Bring Innovation to your team.

Business Travel During Coronavirus


Use a VR headset to see as if you were there. AVATOUR helps businesses meet sustainability targets while increasing productivity at the same time. Reduce travel and instead put on a VR headset – see and talk as if you were there. Reinvent site specific meetings.

Reduce Business Travel


Even when travel is possible, it’s expensive and time-consuming. AVATOUR remote presence makes your team more productive by enabling real-time, site-specific meetings without the cost and inconvenience of travel.

Business Travel Flying


Coronavirus is disrupting business travel to many locations across the world. With AVATOUR, the location comes to you – enabling site-specific meetings like facility walkthroughs, site inspections, and location training to continue.

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