The Future of Remote presence

When travel is expensive or impossible, AVATOUR 360° telepresence lets you invite your clients, collaborators or friends to join  a real place in real time – wherever they are.

Close Deals

Unlike standard virtual tours, AVATOUR lets you speak directly with your client.

Save Time

Get your expert or client on site now, without costly scheduling hassles.

Save Money

Deliver much of the value of an in-person visit at a fraction of the cost of travel.

Avatour Host App

Simple TO Deploy

AVATOUR’s host app works with the smartphone or tablet you already have. Just add a low-cost 360 camera like the Ricoh Theta V or Insta 360 One X, and you’re ready to offer live immersive telepresence to remote visitors.

Web, Mobile & Headset SUPPORT

BE On-Site Fast

Multiple interactive remote participants can join an AVATOUR session, using any modern browser on desktop or mobile devices – or a VR headset for full immersion. All users can communicate with each other, as well as with real-world hosts, while seeing the full 360° view of the real captured space.

Customers and Partners


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