6 Benefits of 360° Remote Inspections

Remote presence is becoming a part of business processes around the globe.

Nearly every industry in the world has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. But that’s not the only reason people are changing the way they do business.

Technology is advancing faster than ever before. Those who keep pace will thrive in the coming years. Those who are unable to evolve will find themselves struggling to find new opportunities.

If you’re responsible for quality or compliance, you’ve probably faced difficult challenges recently. 

On-site inspections are expensive, time-consuming, and difficult to arrange.

360° remote inspections solve these problems. In this post, we’ll cover the top 6 benefits of telecommuting to site-specific meetings.

What Are 360° Remote Inspections?

Avatour transports people to real locations in real-time. The host uses an inexpensive 360° mobile camera and their phone to share a space with the guests. Unlike standard video conferencing, guests can control their view of the space and utilize complete 360° vision.

This allows the hosts and guests to interact as if they were on-site together. Remote inspections allow you to maintain quality, compliance, and safety in an ever-changing landscape.

Top 6 Benefits of Remote Inspections:

  1. Reduced costs
  2. Increased productivity
  3. Business continuity
  4. Increased accountability and quality assurance
  5. Improved customer satisfaction
  6. Reduced carbon footprint

If you’d like to learn more about these benefits, keep reading. Or you can schedule a demo with Avatour to see these benefits in action.

Benefits of Remote Inspections Explained: 

Reduced Costs

On-site inspections force you, your collaborators, and clients all to spend money coming together. 

According to Motus, a workforce management company from Boston, the average business trip costs $1,293. These expenses come from:

  • airfare (34%)
  • lodging (28%)
  • meals (19%)
  • ground transportation (18%)

Remote inspections eliminate all of these costs. Remote presence technology is an inexpensive, one-time investment 

You’ll see the monetary effects of your telepresence investment immediately. And over the years, you’ll save thousands of dollars to reinvest in other areas of your business. 

Increased Productivity

The costs of travel are not only monetary. A good deal of work hours are spent going to and from inspection sites. 

However, you can perform remote inspections from anywhere. Imagine how much more you can get done when you don’t have to travel to site-specific locations. 

Up to 20 guests can join from anywhere in the world with absolutely zero commute time. As soon as you hang up you can get to work on your next action-item, while the session is fresh in your mind.

You can finally line up inspections back to back without worrying about traffic or flight delays ever again. 

Business Continuity

2020 taught us many lessons. One of the most important was the value of remote work. 

Travel became impossible for many due to regulations and costs. Health and safety guidelines are being updated at a rapid pace. Many businesses closed due to the increased costs of business and loss of profits.

Taking aspects of your business remote helps future proof your business. It keeps your team, clients, and collaborators safe while allowing you to adjust to rapidly changing business environments.

There’s no denying that remote work is going to be ingrained in the future of business. You can prepare your business and keep your team, clients, and collaborators safe by investing in remote technology and processes now.

Increased Accountability and Quality Assurance

Remote inspection sessions can be recorded or monitored remotely. This allows you to:

  • Review inspections and improve follow-up
  • Share sessions internally and with any clients or collaborators 
  • Improve training and feedback
  • Improve your evidence trail with irrefutable footage

Improved Customer/Employee Satisfaction

Whether you’re performing an internal or external inspection, time delays are one of the most common complaints of clients when it comes to inspections.

Performing inspections remotely helps eliminate tardiness caused by traffic, overscheduling, and other inefficiencies.

In addition, you’ll be able to start your follow-up as soon as the inspection is complete. Reviewing your inspection footage can help you improve the quality of your procedures. This enables you to provide the best possible service for your customers or keep your internal systems progressing.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Last, but certainly not least, remote inspections help you reduce your carbon footprint. Long drives and flights add to the global CO2 emissions and need to be reduced to save our planet.

By minimizing your travel and increasing your efficiency via teleconferencing, you can do your part to actively reduce carbon emissions and work towards a sustainable future.


360° remote presence is changing the world. It helps businesses seize new opportunities and reduce costs. It also increases efficiency while protecting employees, clients, and our planet.

With Avatour you can transport anyone to any place in the world. The 360° video technology gives guests a fully immersive experience. It’s as if they were there in person, walking side-by-side and speaking with the host in real-time. 

If you’d like to see Avatour in action, schedule a demo with our team.

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