Avatour & Beyonics: Leveraging 360° Remote Collaboration for Remote Selling Tours


How Beyonics, a world leader in precision manufacturing, uses remote facility walkthroughs to bring customers on site from anywhere in the world. About Beyonics Beyonics is an industry leading contract manufacturer that specializes in precision components for the medical, technology and automotive industries. Headquartered in Singapore, with over 6,000 employees worldwide, Beyonics offers a varied […]

Three Problems faced by Food Manufacturing and Safety Companies

food manufacturing and safety

Food products are some of the most heavily-traded commodities in the world. Due to the simple fact that this industry deals with human consumption of such commodities, it is no surprise that there is a multi-faceted web of both governmental regulations and international food safety and quality standards for the food supply chain.  With the […]

5 Benefits of Virtual Reality for Manufacturing

virtual reality for manufacturing

The term, Virtual Reality, is referenced so often in society and movies, that many forget just how much the nascent technology is changing and developing. While the idea of a “virtual reality” has been in the works for decades, it wasn’t until 2012 that the now infamous Oculus Rift hit the world’s stage. And while […]