6 Benefits of 360° Remote Inspections

Avatour Virtual Tour

Remote presence is becoming a part of business processes around the globe. Nearly every industry in the world has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. But that’s not the only reason people are changing the way they do business. Technology is advancing faster than ever before. Those who keep pace will thrive in the coming […]

Is Apple building a VR headset? Not exactly.

Bloomberg published another update on Apple’s headset plans last week, and headlines across the web are shouting Apple is building a VR headset! Bloomberg’s reporting on Apple is historically accurate and the information in the article is broadly in line with previous reports, so I find it credible. But I’m not sure people are drawing […]

Virtual Inspections of Supply Chain and Manufacturing Facilities for Pharma and Life Sciences

Virtual Inspections of Supply Chain and Manufacturing Facilities for Pharma and Life Sciences

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the FDA recently announced a temporary postponement of all routine surveillance facility inspections. But life sciences companies still need to conduct their own internal compliance audits, and to guarantee quality throughout their supply chains. How can pharma manufacturers conduct such inspections when the FDA itself isn’t able to do so? Forward-thinking life […]

How Is Avatour Different From Zoom, FaceTime, and Other Platforms?

How Is Avatour Different From Zoom, FaceTime, and Other Platforms?

Remote working is growing with popularity, and many individuals have been thrust into the new world of it thanks to the global coronavirus pandemic. With so many people working from home, video communication apps, and other means of connecting virtually have been a lifeline for groups that are unable to physically meet to connect. But, […]

Trade Show Canceled? Drive Sales With Remote Presence

Virtual Trade Show

Thanks to the spread of coronavirus, trade shows, fairs, and exhibitions scattered across the globe have been canceled and postponed. Whether in North America, Europe, Asia, or another region, it seems that every week there’s another trade show cancellation somewhere in the world. For businesses and organizations that rely on trade shows to increase revenue […]

Case Study: GAP Uses AVATOUR to Reduce Construction Site Downtime and the Need to Travel

Gap Remote Presence

Ninad Athavale, Senior Manager for Global Real Estate and Store Development at GAP, has piloted Avatour 360° Remote Presence within his team, resulting in improved productivity, less construction downtime, reduced costs and less business travel. Ninad, Senior Manager at GAP, is part of the Global Real Estate and Store Development team – tasked with managing […]

Why is Apple Buying NextVR?

Why is Apple Buying NextVR?

The coronavirus pandemic is impacting every industry, and the AR/VR space is no exception. Some AR/VR firms have seen dramatic increases in interest – especially those, like us, who are focused on collaboration tools that can lessen the impact of distance. But other startups in AR/VR are facing revenue challenges amid a grim funding environment. […]

Apple’s AR/VR Strategy is Both, And.

Not Really Apple's AR Glasses

Faced with technical risk, Tim Cook is hedging his bets on immersive tech. Tech news site The Information published an exclusive story last week, revealing that Apple plans to release two AR headsets, the first in 2022 and the second in 2023. (Mark Gurman at Bloomberg followed up with some more detail.) This is big […]

What is Remote Presence?

Avatour Remote Presence

Learn about remote presence. The immersive experience of a real place, including real-time remote interaction with the people there.