Manage Facilities Without Travel.

Go on-site at any site. Manage and quality check all your facilities. Avatour is revolutionary video conferencing software that places you in your facility in 360° and under total control of experience whether you’re at the office, sitting on a beach, or anywhere in between.

It’s Not Video Conferencing. It’s a 360° Remote Collaboration.

Avatour is a vast upgrade from traditional video conferencing in virtually every way. Whereas traditional video conferencing connects you with a face, Avatour connects you with faces and places. Whereas traditional video conferencing software gives you a static view, Avatour transports you to the site, giving you a 360° view on demand. Whereas traditional video conferencing limits your experience, Avatour puts you in the room to deliver the freedom of being there in person.

Saving You Money

You can be in two places at once with this revolutionary online meeting software. You can be sitting at your desk while taking a peak at facility renovations in real time. Or lounge around the house while holding a video conference with key team members at a site on the other side of the state. There are no limits to your collaboration with Avatour. And when you don’t have to turn to trains, planes, and automobiles to get you precisely where you need to be, you save money on every “trip”.

How It Works

Get The Gear

You’ll need a low-cost 360° camera, along with a selfie stick and audio headset.
These tools enable you to give live virtual walkthroughs while speaking directly with guests.

Schedule AVATOUR

Using the AVATOUR Host app on your smartphone or tablet, schedule a time for participants to meet.


At the meeting time, up to 9 guests from anywhere in the world can use a VR headset, or any mobile device or desktop to join you virtually.

Customers & Partners

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