Session Features Your Team & Guests will Thank You For

Unparalleled features that give the confidence of being on site – from anywhere.

360-degree real-time site capture

Avatour provides 360° capture with multi-axis stabilization and motion control so you get the full context of a site visit – from anywhere. You may be familiar with traditional video conferencing tools that have a narrow field of view – we don’t even compare to them.

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Optional VR support

Guests can attend an Avatour session with a VR headset or through any modern browser. The VR headset experience is immersive and gives you the visual experience of being on site without actually being there.

Check out the list of the current headsets we support


Avatour Virtual Tour

POV tracking

Current remote collaboration and video conferencing tools have a narrow field of view that puts control of the meeting in the hands of the person on site…which is wrong! Avatour allows all meeting members the ability to look around the site location independent of the host and independent of the other meeting members.


Secondary Camera

Sometimes 360° is not enough especially when you must look in fine detail at an item such as a document. Avatour recognized this need and developed the ability to integrate any UVC standard cameras to provide that extra level of detail. Be it the cameras on a phone, a dedicated sharing camera, or even a borescope, we have covered.


Avatour Virtual Tour

Assets Storage & Sharing

The ability to store and share assets is incredibly important for meetings. So, we enabled Avatour to do the same. Regardless if you are on desktop or in a VR headset, you can share important documents with meeting members, no matter where they are in the world.


VOD Sessions

Want to record and store video footage for later review? Avatour has a video-on-demand function that allows you to do that! Record your 360° footage and then upload your videos so you can view them at your convenience in the future.


More Features

While Avatour takes remote collaboration to the next level through 360° cameras and VR headsets, we have not forgotten the desktop users. Said users can share their screen so others can see what they see.
If you are in a loud environment or if you do not have a good microphone, we have you covered. Our chat feature allows you to share your insights and comments with others in the meeting.
For your VR users, we want you all to feel as though you are there, at the remote site. So we developed the functionality that allows you to create your own, personalized avatars and take your immersion to the next level.

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