360° Remote Presence Technology

Bring Customers To Your Property Instantly

Invite your clients and vendors to tour your property in real time from anywhere in the world. Tour the property and invite visitors from anywhere in the world. With Avatour, you can be anywhere from everywhere.


Revolutionizing hospitality tours with real-time 360° remote presence.

Hospitality Tours in 360°

Traditional video conferencing software falls short in so many ways. It can only connect you to faces, not places. It gives you a static, singular view. It limits your experience and presence in a place. With Avatour, you become connected with both faces and places. You become immersed in a site with a 360° view. You gain a presence in a room with others, giving you the ability to connect and interact like you’re actually there.

Connect People to a Place

Running a successful hospitality business or event is all about collaboration. Every member of the team needs to know who will be where, what will happen when, and everything in between. Avatour gives you the team collaboration tools you need by connecting each person to one another at your venue. By leveraging virtual reality, you can now ensure your event will be flawless with the help of Avatour.

How It Works

Get The Gear

You’ll need a low-cost 360° camera, along with a selfie stick and audio headset.
These tools enable you to give live virtual walkthroughs while speaking directly with guests.

Schedule AVATOUR

Using the AVATOUR Host app on your smartphone or tablet, schedule a time for participants to meet.


At the meeting time, up to 9 guests from anywhere in the world can use a VR headset, or any mobile device or desktop to join you virtually.

Customers & Partners

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