Installing AVATOUR on Oculus Quest

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Avatour is best experienced on the Oculus Quest VR headset.

Oculus has approved Avatour for distribution under its Oculus for Business program and Imeve is a registered ISV partner in that program. If your organization is an Oculus for Business customer, contact your OfB system administrator to arrange for the distribution of Avatour to your headsets.

However, if you have a standard consumer Quest headset, you must use Sidequest to install Avatour.

Sidequest is a third-party app store that enables the distribution of apps to the Oculus Quest without using the Oculus consumer store. It does require a little bit of configuration to get working.

Visit the Sidequest site for full instructions on how to install Sidequest and set up your Quest device for sideloading. Sidequest is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux and is free to install and use.

Once Sidequest is installed, and while your Oculus Quest is attached to your PC via USB, just search for Avatour in the search box in the upper right, and click “install.”

Note: Avatour currently does not support auto-update with SideQuest. You will need to connect your headset to your PC and run Sidequest again each time you want to update the Avatour software.