Offer Clients Live 360° Virtual Tours [For Real Estate Business]

What if I told you there was a way to show clients a property without them being there? I mean, really show them a property, as if they were there – without requiring travel. AVATOUR, the world’s first multi-party immersive remote presence service, released September 2019, lets you do this. This new technology can enhance your buyers’ experience and help you close deals faster. 

 If you’re a real estate professional, you’re probably familiar with the existing technologies typically used to  share a property. Photos of a property have long been your most important marketing tool; recent scanning tech like Matterport and Trulia’s 360° virtual tour tool have made it possible to move beyond photos to capture an immersive experience of your properties. But these technologies only help bring in leads; they don’t help you close. Getting a client to commit is hard to do without an in-person tour. 


Traditional Property Tours

 Until now, you’ve really only had two ways to share a property for sale:

  1.   You and your client (or someone on behalf of your client) visit the property in person, or
  2.   Try to communicate the space with them through videos, images or pre-recorded virtual tours.

Avatour offers a third way that is a mix of these two options: 

  1.   Offer your clients a walkthrough of a property without them being there physically but instead visually, while talking to them in real time. Read more about our Real Estate solution here.


What makes Live 360° Virtual Tours possible?

At Imeve, we’re experts on live VR technology, having enabled some of the highest-profile live VR events in history, including the Champions League finals and the Coachella music festival. In September 2019 we released AVATOUR, which extends our live VR broadcast tech to enable real-time multiparty conversation. Avatour is the first real alternative to travel, allowing your property buyers to be on site to tour a property without having to spend the time or money to be there.

 Forget everything you know about “virtual” modeling and showings. Forget about 3D spatial capture. Avatour is different.


How does Avatour work?

An Avatour session includes two experiences, the Host experience (the Realtor) and the Guest experience (the buyer). The Host would be on site, at a property he is selling. He’ll bring a headset, 360° camera and camera stick to share his surroundings. He will look something like this:


The Guest, who in this case would be the prospective home buyer or investor, can join the Host in the space using a VR headset or any modern web browser on any desktop, laptop, or mobile device. The VR headset offers a truly immersive experience, allowing the Guest to see everything the Host sees while conversing in real time.



The Avatour remote presence platform connects the two experiences, allowing Guest users to essentially be in two places at once — viewing the property as if they were there. 

The future of Real Estate sales

The AVATOUR remote presence platform can help Realtors sell more properties and close deals faster. If you’re a real estate agent, and want to offer your remote clients the ability to view a property in real time, request access today to the AVATOUR remote presence platform.

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