360°Remote Presence for Sales

Customers want to see before they buy, but it can be difficult to get them to your facility, property, factory, or showroom. With AVATOUR, you can bring your product to them instead, in live immersive 360°.

A Live 360° Experience

AVATOUR is the only remote presence technology of its kind. We enable the live experience of a real place to be accessible to anyone, anywhere. You can share a 360° feed of your surroundings while talking to someone as if they were there.

What You’ll Need

To host an AVATOUR, you need an inexpensive 360° camera, an Android mobile device, and the AVATOUR subscription service. No technical expertise is required. Your customers can join you either using a web browser on any computer or mobile device, or using a VR headset, for a profoundly immersive experience.

Step 1: Get the Gear

You’ll need a low-cost 360° camera, along with a selfie stick and audio headset. These tools enable you to give live virtual tours while speaking directly with remote guests.

Step 2: Schedule AVATOUR

Using the AVATOUR Host app on your smartphone or tablet, schedule a time for clients and participants to meet. They receive calendar invites.

Step 3: Host AVATOUR

At the meeting time, up to 5 guests from anywhere in the world can join you virtually, using either a VR headset or any mobile device or desktop.

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