Save 80% on travel without sacrificing quality.

Conduct or attend real-time inspection & audits from anywhere. Avatour 360° technology is currently being used by companies such as Thermo Fisher, Kellogg’s, Abbott Labs, General Mills, the FAA and more.

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The Remote On-Site Collaboration Platform

Empower your team with the ability to safely be on-site, from anywhere.


More Comprehensive

Avatour delivers the full context of a site to remote users in real time, enabling far more effective collaboration between remote and on-site personnel.


Be in Control

Unlike standard videoconferencing, Avatour’s 360° view gives every remote user the power to control their own view of the site — crucial for inspections, tours, and other site meetings.


Increase Frequency & Access

Imagine being able to be on-site more often without the need to travel? With Avatour, you can be there – remotely It can also be used to share a place with limited access that would otherwise be restricted or unavailable to them.

“It’s like being there, and it’s far more effective than Facetime or Zoom. We’re able to do our business faster, cheaper and better with comprehensive visibility on site and full control over what we’re looking at.”


Senior Manager for Global Real Estate and Store Development at GAP

Bring Innovation to Your Team

How will Avatour benefit your team & your enterprise?

Increase profits by reducing travel spend.

Save time by reducing out of town travel.

Build relationships with clients & partners.

Ensure quality with more frequent on-site visits.

Keep people safe and sites secure.

Reduce carbon emissions.

Continue Business Travel Virtually Despite Coronavirus

Business Travel is Expensive

Travel is expensive. A single business trip can cost anywhere from $1,000 – $2,000. With enterprises conducting hundreds or thousands of business trips per year, this expenditure is significant. Avatour reduces the need for business travel by providing the first comprehensive substitute for in-person on-site meetings.

Easy to deploy & used by team across the world.

Avatour makes it possible to be on-site, from anywhere.

Avatour is a cloud service that requires only off-the-shelf hardware and a standard WiFi or LTE connection. Companies across the world are using Avatour Remote Presence to solve problems and improve how they do business. Avatour can be used to conduct virtual site inspections and audits – internal and external. Bring remote experts on-site and instead of flying them out – bring a location to them instead.

Realtors are using Avatour to sell houses, Pharmaceutical Consultants are using Avatour to audit locations and ensure data integrity, supply chain logistics companies are using Avatour to improve quality & develop relationships with their customers by showing off their facilities. The list goes on and on.

Are you ready to lead innovation with your company? How will you Avatour?

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