SEQENS Remote Site Tour Case Study

Creating an immersive remote experience

SEQENS deploys Avatour to enable 360° remote on-site tours of their facilities

The Challenge

  • The pandemic made site visits nearly impossible
  • Regular site visits are a crucial marketing tool

The Solution

  • Avatour remote presence helped SEQENS conduct site tours throughout the pandemic
  • 360° capture ensured no level of quality was lost

The Result

  • Closed prospects faster
  • Saved thousands of dollars per site visit
  • Maintained site safety and security

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SEQENS is a world leader in pharmaceutical synthesis. With 24 industrial plants and 3 R&D centers across Europe, North America and Asia, the company’s physical plant is an important part of the value they offer customers, and tours of those facilities are a crucial part of the sales and contracting process.

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