Reduce Business CO2 Emissions and Increase Sustainability with Avatour

Avatour offers a 360° live feed of a real place and time – allowing for remote on-site meetings. Reduce your carbon footprint by traveling less and getting the job done remotely.  

The world’s global carbon footprint needs to decrease drastically—by 2-4 tons per person—to prevent international temperatures from rising at a dangerous rate. Learn more how you can make a change within your organization below.

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Reach Carbon Reduction Targets by Traveling Less

With over 1800 laws controlling CO2 emissions globally, the world is on the fast track to reducing our global carbon footprint—for a good reason. To improve the sustainability of our planet, meeting carbon reduction targets by making smart choices is vital.

Europe recently set a target to reduce carbon emissions by an ambitious 55% by the end of this decade. Governments, managers, board leaders, and environmental specialists alike can increase their chances of hitting their desired reduction target by cutting down on one of the highest forms of CO2 emissions—travel.

By choosing our immersive, offsite method of communication, companies cut back on their flight times, and time spent on the road, significantly reducing their CO2 emissions.

Reduce Carbon Blueprint

Save Money on Travel

Increase Sustainability

Make the Environmentally Smart Choice and Choose Remote Interactions

Our 360° technology is easy to set up, inexpensive, and the next best thing to being physically present at the desired facility. Unlike regular video conferencing, 360° technology gives the user a feeling of being present at the site because they’re able to look in every direction while on the call.

Inspectors and international board members get the benefit of joining in a real place in real-time without having to set foot in a vehicle—leading to reduced carbon emissions and a healthier planet.

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