Virtual Site & Safety Training

Provide remote site training anywhere in the world using live or pre-recorded 360° technology.

The Future of Site Training

Avatour is an ideal tool for conducting remote site training, saving time and money while ensuring team collaboration and cohesion.

Save Money

Create a cost-effective training solution without sacrificing the effectiveness of the experience.

Enhance Safety

Preserve the safety of the site and employees especially when it comes to operating machinery and hazardous sites.

Foster Participation

Boost collaboration and participation through immersive learning experiences.

Reduce Operational Impact

Avoid operational impacts and logistical headaches by moving site training off-site.


5 Benefits of 360° Remote Employee Training

Avatour Guest Virtual Reality

Whether a company is onboarding new employees or training current team members, virtual reality (VR) training offers organizations a cost effective, safe, and efficient way to educate and collaborate.

This is especially true when the nature of the training depends on a given site or physical location, such as: safety training, method transfer, and on-site training.

Remote Site Training Applications

Operational Training

Give 360° context of a specific site or location for hands-on training procedures.

Safety Training

Ensure your team is trained when it comes to safety site and machinery training.

Method Transfer

Model specific processes or protocols for your team in a space where they can observe and repeat in real time.

Used by Leading Organizations Around the World

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Avatour is the ideal tool for changing the way companies conduct inspections

360° Shared Context

Pre-Recorded or Live Video

Invite up to 20 Guests

Use WiFi or 5G/LTE

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