360° Remote Presence for

Remote Manufacturing Factory Inspections & Audits

AVATOUR makes it easier to manage and monitor your facilities with less travel – no matter where you are.

Project Management Made Safe

In this uncertain world, there are new threats involved in every aspect of life. From travel to collaboration and beyond, conducting business in person exposes you or your team members to unnecessary danger. And while traditional video conferencing software sacrifices quality and capability to help you collaborate, the revolutionary Avatour experience delivers the same quality of in-person and on-site collaboration from the safety of your own home or office.

Bring Faces to Places

The beauty of Avatour’s immersive video conferencing software is how it gives you a true presence in a place. Check the quality of your facilities without having to spend on travel and rely on others. All you need is a VR headset or computer screen. With Avatour, you’ll be transported alongside your colleagues to your manufacturing facility, to the site of a potential build, or anywhere else you need to be. Best of all, you don’t have to move an inch to get there.

How It Works

Get The Gear

You’ll need a low-cost 360° camera, along with a selfie stick and audio headset.
These tools enable you to give live virtual walkthroughs while speaking directly with guests.

Schedule AVATOUR

Using the AVATOUR Host app on your smartphone or tablet, schedule a time for participants to meet.


At the meeting time, up to 9 guests from anywhere in the world can use a VR headset, or any mobile device or desktop to join you virtually.

Customers & Partners

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